Oblecto is latin for ''to entertain, delight, amuse''. This exciting and revolutionary range of commentary systems does exactly as its name suggests and more. It can be used with traditional open top sightseeing tours, as well as private excursions and airport transfers. Its unique benefits makes this a must have system.


In the Oblecto range there are three models: Oblecto (the newest system), Oblecto touchscreen and Oblecto non-touch.


Each system offers something unique, but the features that they all have in common are:

  1. Live error reporting- (see right) you can receive live information about the health of the bus/ seat modules and you will be notified of any faults.
  2. Real-time passenger information- achieve a better understanding of your customers e.g. which languages are the most popular.
  3. Surveys- these will allow you to collect instantaneous feedback about your tour.
  4. 100+ languages - it will hold as many languages as you require.
  5. Fully customisable - as the seat modules are re-programmable in the back of the seat you can make quick and easy updates to your system.


The following sightseeing companies have installed Oblecto within their fleet:

Edinburgh Bus Tours in Scotland, Big Bus Tours in Sydney, City Sightseeing Dublin in Ireland, Cityrama and Yellow Bus in Portugal, City Sightseeing Oxford and London City Tour in England.


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You can receive live data about the health of your vehicle. You will see if any seat modules are not working and therefore address the issue prior to passengers boarding. You can also see which languages are the most popular which will help with marketing activities.